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Incentives vs bribes: The ultimate parent trap

Ontario Today - CBC Radio

Highlights: It's always a tough balanced problem. What are the definitions of incentive and bribe for you? Every child is unique and every family faces different challenges, no parents are perfect. Dr. Gili Adler Nevo, Head of the Child and Adolescent Anxiety Clinic at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto returns for tips on how to motivate kids.

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Help, the kids are glued to their screens!

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                     May 28, 2020

Highlights: The tug-and -pull of screens was already the battle in many families prior to COVID-19.  Now you feel extra guilty about relying on screens to much these days. Working from home, distance learning, or "babysitting", screen seems to be the must have item. Listen to the advice from Dr. Michelle Ponti, the Chair of the Digital Health Task Force for the Canadian Paediatric Society, worked on updated recommendations on screen time in infants, school-age children and adolescents.

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Kids anxious during lockdown? A child psychiatrist shares advice

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                    Apr 28, 2020

Highlights: Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric condition in youth. These disorders can lead to significant impairment in academic, social, and family functioning. Dr. Gili Adler Nevo, Head of the Child and Adolescent Anxiety Clinic at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto tells you why and tips on how to handle them.

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The Keto diet: Why bother?

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                     Mar 5, 2020

Highlights: Are you on this low-carb, high-fat diet, about to or not quite sure? What are the pros and cons, and myths of this diet?  Listen to people's experience and the comments from the guest nutritional scientist Dr. Dr. David Jenkins at the University of Toronto.

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Overdosing on over-the-counter painkillers

Ontario Today -CBC Radio                                       Jan 21, 2020

Highlights: Drug safety expert Dr. David Juulink speaks about the rising concern on drug safety. As an over-the-counter medication, acetaminophen has raised the public concern due to the increased number of overdosing. Is the drug is too easy to get. Callers share their personal experience and Dr. Juulink gives out tips on drug safety.


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How schools are failing kids with dyslexia

Ontario Today -CBC Radio                                       Dec 30, 2019

Highlights: A story of a 10 year old boy struggling with reading disability in school, opens up a big discussion on how serious the problem is affecting students in Canada. Ontario's Human Rights Commission has launched a public inquiry into the human rights of students with reading disabilities as well.

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A pill to stop the cravings for alcohol

Ontario Today -CBC Radio                                       Dec 23, 2019

Highlights: Toronto addictions medicine physician Dr. Chetan Mehta is trying to get the word out about the treatment option of Naltrexone. The talk interviews listeners with similar experience and Dr. Mehta, discussing why this medication is not yet popular used in our medical system.

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- Eliminating cervical cancer.. what's standing in the way?

Ontario Today -CBC Radio                                       Oct 29, 2019

Highlights: Cervical cancer - the most common cancer among women. It is also one of the most preventable and treatable cancers. In this episode, a gynecologist and obstetrician talks about screening guidelines, concerns and benefits.Callers also share their personal experience during prevention, diagnosis and treatment process. 

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- Still Driving High?

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                      Oct 18, 2019

Highlights: Evidence shows lots of people are driving high. Former police officer talks about facts and risks while driving impaired by the drugs or alcohol, legal consequences and legislations on impaired driving.

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- Understanding the Dark Side of Childhood

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                      Oct 10, 2019

Highlights: This is a link to the radio show CBC Podcasts Ontario Today. Tracey Vaillancour, she is one of the country's leading specialists on violence among kids, a professor in counselling psychology in University of Ottawa talked about facts and professional ideas on bullying, violence in school and mental health in child and youths.

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- Anyone giving up on vaping?

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                       Oct 3, 2019

Highlights: More and more deaths and serious illness are linked to vaping or E-Cigarrete. A respirologist from Sickkids talks about the risks of vaping on different age groups and the myths people have been talked about. Callers are telling their personal experiences and expressing their opinions or concerns.

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- Suicide Prevention: How Small Talk Can Save a Life

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                      Sep 25, 2019

Highlights: Dr. Mark Sinyor a psychiatrist from Sunnybrook Hospital shared professional opinions and ideas with callers on how important a small talk can save a life.

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- The Extreme and Dangerous Side of Trying to Be Too Healthy

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                  Aug 21, 2019

Highlights: How to stay healthy physically and mentally? Psychologist and York University researcher Professor Jennifer Mills talked to callers regarding their personal experiences and struggles on the journey of staying healthy.

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- Infant Sleep

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                      Aug 7, 2019

Highlights: There are endless advices online, in books, from friends and families on how to sleep train your baby. Parents struggle to find the right way that fits their babies. In this episode, a nurse practitioner shares her hands on experience and her acedemic knowledge on infant sleeping issue. 

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- Breast Implant Safety Recall

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                      Aug 1, 2019

Highlights: Are breast implants worth the risks? A recent goble recall and a national ban in Canada raised the concerns on breast implant material may cause cancers and many other symptoms. An experienced plastic surgeon talks to callers trying to answer their concerns and questions.

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- Robert Wickens: Hope after paralysis

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                      Jul 24, 2019

Highlights: Story from Honda Indie racer Robert Wickens who suffered from a serious injury. What is possible after paralysis and what is not? Remarkable stories, personal experiences from callers and medical scientficl information from Toronto Rehab Dr. Mark Bayley may boost your inner strength up.

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- Positive Parenting: How to Get It Right?

Ontario Today - CBC Radio                                       May 1, 2019

Highlights: Things parents should never do or say. What it takes parents to have proper positive parenting. A therapist and parenting expert shares her personal experience as a mom and also tries to understand callers' stories to guide them to the positive approach.

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