Heath Resources

** Please discuss the options with your dortors in the health care planning process **

Common Health Concerns

- Allergy
- General Pediatrics
- Headaches
- Skin Problems

Interesting Topics

Through conversations between guests and callers on various health topics, this is a great way to reflect ourself. The current collection is from CBC radio.

Chronic Diseases

 - Arthritis
 - Cancer
 - Cardiovascular Disease
 - Chronic Respiratory Disease
 - Chronic Pain
 - Diabetes
 - Kidney Disease
 - Obesity

Infectious Diseases

- Sexually Transmitted Infections
- Vaccine Preventable Diseases/Travel Vaccine
- Hepatitis

Mental Health and Addiction

- Mental Health
- Alcohol
- Cannabis
- Opioids
- Tobacco and E-Cigarettes

Senior/Geriatric Services

Where respect, love and care are involved

Learning Disabilities

& Developmental Disabilities

Healthy Living

Don't forget to be good to yourself

Palliative Care

Where comfort, care and support matter

Road Safety

Arrive home safely