Learning Disabilities & Developmental Disabilities - Patient Resources

** Please discuss the options with your dortors in the health care planning process **

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

Highlights: Viewers can find a number of useful websites for those who are trying to learn about learning disabilities and related issues.

Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Services Ontario
- Your Access Point for Adult Developmental Services                                                               

Highlights: The Developmental Services Ontario connects patients and families to their local developmental service agencies for different needs. They will also be guided to other resources while they are waiting for up coming services, and more.


ISAND (Integrated Services for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders)

Highlights: The ISAND provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure families receive fully coordinated, integrated and continuous care by developmental pediatricians (referral needed), psychologists (self-referred), clinicians and therapists (self-referred).


Autism Speaks Canada

Highlights: The ASC Connect is a virtual platform for everyone in the autism community to engage and learn. It promotes solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

- To watch YouTube  to learn about ASC Connect Features


Autism Junction - Canada's Online Autism Service Directory

Highlights: The autism service directory is a database for parents, caregivers, professionals or any individual to locate resources of autism and navigate services nearby.


Breakthrough Autism

Highlights: The Breakthrough Autism provides various programs and tools to children and families who are sufferring from autism and facing daily challenges in different stages of life. "Online Coaching Services" empower parents and caregivers with strategies to support their child's success. Online coaches can also see the challenges and celebrate the successes when and where they happen, therefore, to help problem-solve or celebrate in real time.


Quick Start - Early Intervention for Autism

Service Area: Ottawa

Highlights: The Quick Start provides speech therapy, parent coaching, behaviour consultation, occupational therapy, developmental and behaviour therapies, as well as many more to help children at the first signs of a developmental delay.


Woodview - Mental Health & Autism Services

Service Area: Halton, Hamilton, Brantford

Highlights: Woodview provides children, youth and their families with different kinds of programs of mental health and autism, for the early intervention and supports that inspire hope and strengthen lives.


Kerry's Place Autism Services

Highlights: The Kerry's Place Autism Services provides evidence-based information, supports and services across Ontario to families with children, adolescents, and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Programs include "Ontario Autism Program", "Community Services and Supports", "Adult Skill-Building and Peer Support Groups", "Employment Programs" and "Residential and Semi-Independent Living Supports".

Reach Toronto - Services for Youth and Adults on the Spectrum

Service Area: Toronto

Highlights: The Reach Toronto provides programs and opportunities to youth and adults on the spectrum to gain skills, tools and strategies to participate more effectively in everyday life. It also partners with private career college to offer post-secondary education to the clients.



Highlights: ConnectABILITY is an online community to educate and support for people at all ages who have an intellectual disability, their families and care givers with valuable information and tools. Connected Families also allows families with similar experience to share with the community. 


CADDRA (The Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance)

Highlights: The CADDRA provides information on ADHD, assessment forms, signs to read and watch, things to do, links of resources and educational videos for Parents, Children, Adolescents, and Adults.