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** Please discuss options with your dortors during the process of health care planning **


Health Choices First - Senior Care

Highlights: Health Choices First is a website provides a wealth of high quality patient education with exclusive health videos on different topics, which show an overview of conditions and treatment options. Furthermore, it provides a real-life case studies forum for doctors and patients to join in.


Speak Up - Advanced Care Planning

Highlights: Advanced Care Planning guides people to plan their health and personal care in the future if they were unable to speak for themselves.


Toronto Central Behavioural Supports Ontario

Highlights: Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) provives information about behavioural change and available provincial and regional programs, services and educational resources for older adults with responsive behaviours that may be associated with dementia, and/or other neurological conditions, and their care partners.


Alzheimer Association

Highlights: The Alzheimer Association educates the publics on the knowledge of Alzheimer's and dementia, supports to patients and caregivers, and promote brain health to reduce the risk of dementia.


Alzheimer Society

Highlights: The Alzheimer Society provides publics the knowledge and the difference between alzheimer and dementia. It also provides resources & services to patients or caregivers, and guides them through ways of living with dementia and finding support in the community.

  •  First Link It links patients and caregivers to counselling & support programs, dementia education, social and recreational activities and community care as early as diagnosis is made. It recommended to be referred by primary care providers to help the process move quicker. You can also contact your local Alzheimer society to self-refer.


Reitman Centre (Enhancing Care for Ontario Dementia Care Partners)

Highlights: The Reitman Centre at Sinai Health System is partnering with Alzheimer Societies across Ontario. It provides Enhanced Care Program and evidence based psychological support and skills training to people caring for family members or friends living with dementia, which includes in-person and online programs.


Enhancing Care for Ontario Dementia Care Partners

Highlights: The Enhancing Care for Ontario Dementia Care Partners connects people caring for family members or friends living with dementia to in-person and online programs, learning resources and supporting networks.



              Service Area: Ontario

  •  Seniors and Mental Health   A resources for seniors, families and caregivers to take a deep look on dementia, responsive behaviours and late-life depression.



Highlights: The OrthoInfo is developed by the experts from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. The purpose is to provide the reliable orthopaedic information for both patients and the general public. With easy-to-understand articles and videos on orthopedic conditions and treatments, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and healthy living, patients can be well educated on their own orthopedic conditions and introduced to different treatment options, or better prepared for their orthopaedic procedures and more.

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson Canada

Highlights: The Parkinson Canada provides education and services to support patients, families and health professionals online, by telephone and in person. Program Directory guides you to the services near you.


Live Well With Parkinsons

Highlights: The information provided in the website aims to impart knowledge regarding Parkinson's disease to the general public and medical and allied health professionals. This includes information of medication, diet and nutrition, recipes and reading materials.

Vision Care

Aging and Eyesight

Hightlight: Many eye diseases occur as we get older. Although we are not able to stop or reverse the aging process, many of these eye conditions are treatable.

Support Services

Circle of Care

Highlights: The Circle of Care is a leading not-for-profit home care provider for individuals living in the North Toronto area. It provides various community support services and connects patients, families and caregivers to resources that fit their needs.


Government of Canada
- The Safe Living Guide A Guide to Home Safety for Seniors


Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses
- Aging without Violence


Elder Abuse Prevetion
- Directory of Programs and Services



ETAG Online

Service Area: Oakville, Mississauga, and Brampton

Highlights: ETAG Online specializes in helping adults 55+ to understand technology, with accessible technology support programs designed for Canada's aging population.

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