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As a patient, are you facing these problems?

  • Limited access to detailed practice information of health care providers. Unsure if you have been referred a specialist that real fits your need; you are still searching for a family doctor.
  • It's hard to extend the involvement in the health care planning.  It's good to compare options with your doctors, but since you know so little, most doctors pick for you.
  • Difficult to follow up. You are tired of calling for status updates or searching for resources. You might have even ended up in the hospital, adding more pressure to the emergency room, or worse, not receiving the proper care.

Your medical providers are unable to fully meet your expectations due to their limitations. They are not aware of all resources available, and cannot keep up with the overwhelming variety, the amount and the changing frequency of practice/referral preferences from specialists and medical programs/services.

You may also have trouble accessing health care programs/services. As they are overwhelmed by demands, lack attendance due to public awareness, or are being cut off because of low usage.

After being a medical secretary in the family practices for more than 10 years, I have been a connection between patients and doctors. I understand your frustration as resources are not being used effectively.

Transparency of information between all medical parties and boosting public awareness will help improve your situation and our medical system. 

MedTimeSaber is determined to create a transparent medical referral system, guiding patients to find the proper resource in a timely manner. Information provided to you will be updated continuously through our research. Meanwhile, doctors are encouraged to join and post their information. Trust your doctor's professional advice and use MedTimeSaber to empower you to be a true partner in your health care journey. Confidently discuss the options with your doctor and stay optimistic. See how to gain access as a patient and use E-Secretary service.

Please tell your families and friends about us, we would love to help! 


Vera Li
Founder of MedTimeSaber                                                                                                                             

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