Message to all medical providers and patients re: COVID-19

We are working closely with doctor's offices and patients during the COVID-19 period. To help doctor's offices stay organized, doctors can post your practice details and office changes instantly. This free platform helps medical colleagues and patients access the most update-to-date medical resources online in one stop. Many medical offices have changed the office hours, you can also call ahead prior to arranging urgent/semi-urgent referrals. Many labs have also updated COVID protocols, as some locations only accept patients by appointments.

For COVID vaccine updates, please visit Getting a COVID-19 vaccine in Ontario .

It has been a year into fighting this pandemic, we thank all our front-line medical workers and essential workers for keeping us safe and comfortable. 

Covid-19 updates:  Government Canada        Public Health Ontario          City of Toronto          World Health Organization                                                                                            Toronto Region COVID-19 Assessment Centres

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Please call 911 for emergencies. For non-urgent health cases, contact Telehealth at 1-866-797-0000 for health advice or general health information.

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