Learning Disabilities & Developmental Disabilities - Doctor Resources

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

Highlights: There are a number of useful websites for people who are trying to learn about learning disabilities and related issues. You can find your support in many different ways.

Developmental Disabilities

ISAND (Integrated Services for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders)

Highlights: The ISAND provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure families receive fully coordinated, integrated and continuous care by developmental pediatricians (referral needed), psychologists (self-referred), clinicians and therapists (self-referred).


Autism Canada
Autism Physician Handbook

Highlights: Autism Canada provides the common characteristics of autism in toddlers, comes complete with the M-CHAT-R Checklist, a visual guide to behavioural symptoms, summary of potential referrals, and tips for optimizing office visits.


Autism Junction
Canada's Online Autism Service Directory

Highlights: The autism service directory is a database for parents, caregivers, professionals or any individual to locate resources of autism and navigate services nearby.


Quick Start
List of OHIP Doctors, Private Psychologists and Therapists who assess, diagnose and provide therapies in Ottawa.

Service Area: Ottawa