One Day, Our Medical System Can Be Organized and Transparent...

It Begins With You.

Are you aware of

  • Most medical programs that are available for your patients
  • New practices that have more availabilities
  • Practice niche/preference of your colleagues

Instead, you most likely can relate to some of these frustrations.

For specialist practices:

  • They are overwhelmed by demands and have a long wait list.
  • Workflow suffers from high volume of calls and back and forth clarifications on referrals and missing supporting results due to unknown practice information.
  • Inefficiencies increase the chance of missing the best opportunity for treatment.
  • Slow on building up new practice due to low public awareness.

As a result, primary care providers experience frustrated patients due to their limitations:

  • Unable to keep up with the variety, the amount and the changing frequency of programs/services.
  • Uncertainty on other practices outside their office areas. Demands are increased on local specialists causing long wait time for referrals.
  • Time consuming searches on resource slow down the work flow.
  • Unpredictable wait time makes health care planning harder for patients.

Due to low public awarenes, some hospital or community programs are lack of awareness while others are overwhelmed by demands.

I have confidence in MedTimeSaber, striving to organize and utilize medical resources effectively.

  • Medical providers can have easy access to each other's practice information through a simple search.
  • Patients are empowered to be true partners in their health care journey as they are able to access the details of health care resources. They are given the tools to understand the system and reduce miscommunications between patients and doctors.
  • Transparent options help balance supply and demand. New practices can be introduced to publics effectively, in order to shorten the wait time.

With my years' experience as a medical secretary in family practices, knowing first-hand your frustration, I tailored the website to help your practice.

Medical providers are free to sign up. Enjoy the convenient and well structured resources. Currently, resources on the platform are collected through work experience and online research. Join us to expand the data, it begins with you.

Vera Li

Founder of MedTimeSaber                                                                                                           

For further reading:

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"Ontario's Patient Engagement Frame Work" has been first released in fall 2016 by Health Quality Ontario