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Health Choices First - Cancer

Highlights: Health Choices First is a website provides a wealth of high quality patient education with exclusive health videos on different topics, whicht provide an overview of conditions and treatment options. Furthermore, it also provides a real-life case studies forum for doctors and patients to join in.


Cancer Care Ontario - 3 Major Cancer Screening Programs in Ontario

For: Breast, Cervical and Colorectal


Managing Symptoms, Side Effects and Well-Being

Highlights: It provides guidelines and advices to people living with cancer of how to maintain well-being as well as how to recognize symptoms and side effects, what to do to manage themselves at home and when to call the doctor.


Wellspring - Education and Training Opportunities

Highlights: Wellspring is a Canada-wide network of community-based centres, providing programs and services online and in office. Professional training is embedded in new model testing, and specific training opportunities.


Drug Formulary

Highlights: You can find out detailed information of drug safety & information, side effects, funding & reimbursement on cancer drugs.


Thyroid Cancer Canada

Highlights: It provides knowledge, treatments and patient support on thyroid cancer. It also provides guidelines and research to health care providers.

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