Addiction Resources

Substance Abuse                 Tobacco & E-Cigarretes

** Please discuss options with your dortors during the process of health care planning **

Substance Abuse:

Health Choices First - Addiction

Highlights: Health Choices First is a website provides a wealth of high quality patient education with exclusive health videos on different topics, which capture an overview of conditions and treatment options. Furthermore, it provides a real-life case studies forum for doctors and patients to join in.


META: PHI - Mentoring, Education and Clinical Tools for Addiction: Primary Care-Hospital Integration

Highlights: META: PHI is a project to support clinicians in delivering high-quality care to patients with substance use disorders in all care settings. It provides care model, clinical addiction tools for health care providers, resources for patients, and information about Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinics across the province. NO Referral or appointment needed. Visit site for a quick search to locate a RAAM Clinic.


Problematic Alcohol Use (Government of Canada)

Highlights: Government of Canada talks about problematic acohol use by providing facts on the health effects of alcohol, and how to reduce the risks of drinking and how to drink responsibly.


Cannabis in Canada (Government Canada)

Highlights: Government of Canada talks about cannabis in Canada by providing educational resources, risks and health effects on cannabis, as well as legislations national wide and recommendations on what not to do.

Tobacco & E-Cigarretes:

Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco (Government of Canada)

Highlights: Government of Canada provides information on vaping, tobacco products, effects of smoking, second-hand smoke, prevention and quitting.

Support to Quit Smoking (

Highlights: Whether it's this your first attempt or you are ready to try again. Don't give up. Find support and  explore your treatment options. You'll know what works for you.


Nicotine Dependence Clinic (CAMH)


Smokers' Helpline (Canadian Cancer Society)

Highlights: You are not alone in the challenge of quitting smoking. To help make the quitting process easier, Smokers' Helpline connects patients to the up-to-date resources, community forums and support online, by phone or text.

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